The hunting packages we offer are all-inclusive

Our professional team will assist you in:

Crossing the border (both ways: in & out)

When arriving in Romania, the guests are to be waited in the custom frontiers by our guide from whose services, the guests will benefit for the entire period of hunting.

Transport by car inside the hunting area

The internal transport may be assured by us, with jeeps, limousines, minibuses and in special cases with helicopters.

Temporary hunting permit for foreign hunters

A hunting license, a hunting invitation and a temporary hunting permit is needed in order to hunt in Romania. We will take care of all necessary paperwork.

Technically specialized staff for each hunter

In the hunting area, you will be attended by qualified personnel, assured by the forest's authorities from that zone.

Basic preparation and delivery of the Trophy

The trophies may be taken by the hunters only accompanied by the provenience and transport documents. We will prepare the trophies and will do the paperwork for you.

Veterinary health certificates

For the acquired hunting trophies, we assure to deliver, from the Romanian authorities, the veterinary-sanitary certificate, the CITES certificate as well as the necessary documents in the custom.

Many reasons for visiting Transylvania, Romania

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